Letter from Philip F. Van Pelt to his family, October 4, 1945


Letter from Philip F. Van Pelt to his family, October 4, 1945


Brief discussion of general life at the Citadel.


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Van Pelt, Philip F. Cadet Letters, 1945-1949










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4 October, 1945

Dear Folkses,

Well, tomorrow I will be seventeen y’ars old. It sure came upon me fast. I left home a mere lad of sixteen, and here I am contemplating entering senility!

School is getting better, now, although it’s still plenty tough, but I guess I’m getting into the swing of things. After almost two weeks, the routine of life, is more natural. I just got the final pair of summer pants, and last night it was so cold. I used both blankets and the comfort. Better send along some heavier pajamas when you return the laundry case.

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I think I can arrange to buy a second hand overcoat for this winter. We were measured for woolen uniforms the other day, but they’re going to have to make special pants for me.

I’m doing all right in my classes, especially English, although it's hard to remember my Spanish from 2 years ago, and Chem is pretty stiff. Math is easier than I thought it would be, but it’s not simple.

It’s cold today. The south wind is strong and you should see these palmetto trees sway in the wind. Last night the temperature dropped from 84° in the afternoon (about 2 PM) to 63° about 4 AM this morning.

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I wrote to Dr Lungh yesterday and told him everything you suggested. Now to wait & see what happens

Got to go to class now - so long


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