Letter from Philip F. Van Pelt to his family, September 24, 1945


Letter from Philip F. Van Pelt to his family, September 24, 1945


Van Pelt discusses his first day at the Citadel.


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Van Pelt, Philip F. Cadet Letters, 1945-1949










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Dear Folks,

End of the first day. My trunk is late and I have not yet received it. I went to Mr. Leland and he said that due to the hurricane and its resulting storms, some trains & baggage have been held up at intermediate points in the south because of high water.

I have registered to major in English with Spanish as my language. I chose English instead of Bus. Administ. because I think the courses offer a better opening for my talents and are creative efforts. I have signed up to take the new requirements of math - the three hour a week course - which is the usual math course taken with an arts course, and it only includes Algebra and Trig. No Analytic Geom.

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Uniforms were issued today. My pants have to be altered and therefore I have to wear these checked ones until Wednesday when I shall get them. I can’t squeeze all my civilian clothes into the laundry case, so I may have to leave some in the trunk until the end of the term.

Life is really becoming military. It's mighty hot - almost 95° all day. It heats up as soon as the sun rises and doesn’t cool off until the sun goes down. Classes start Wednesday.

I’ve discovered that the best way to acquire friends down here is to acquire as good a Southern accent as possible. You wouldn’t recognize my voice if you heard it, I’ll bet.

My roommate is a Southern boy, home here in Charleston. Name is Auderegg. A small fellow.

Must go now.

Lots of love


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