Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his parents, undated


Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his parents, undated


Letter sent from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. at The Citadel to his parents.


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Charleston (S. C.)


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[Typed letter on stationary with letterhead “The Francis Marion, King at Calhoun Street, Charleston, S.C.]

Dear Folks,

Well here it is Monday night and I have lots of studying to do before you all come down this week-end [sic]. I sure did enjoy seeing all of you all over in Orangeburg last Friday. Sorry that I did not get to see you all more but it looked like that there was something to do every minute of the time. Think that Sister looks fine and hope that she will like Greenville and stay healthy up there. Was glad to see Aunt Muriel but knew that she was going to cuss me out.

Just after you all left I went ritht [sic] back to the fair and immediately caught all the hoochie goochie…..then I found David and the boys and we went on a few rides. David and I went on one and stayed upside down the whole time. I twas really fun but did not last long enough. We all then went up town -- ate supper -- and got some dates and went to the dance. It was sure a swell dance. Saw a lot of my old friends. To top the day off we raised cain on the train coming back and I enjoyed the whole day except walking from the other side of King St. back here to the Citadel. The chicken was really swell and I made big friends with the conductor by giving hime [sic] some.

It was raining so Saturday Morning that we did not even hear the bugle. I’m not sorry tho [sic] because that extra hoursand [sic] a half sleep sure did feel good. After general leave was declared David and I went with Kenny Renken in the jeep out to his plantation fifty miles out of the combee River. It was an awful day and we did not get to do any hunting but I enjoyed getting out for the day. They sure have a nice home out there. The trip was really swell but the jeep was a little rough and used two quarts of oil.

Bobby, Louie, Jim Haynsworth, and Scott all bummed home last Saturday. I didn’t know that they were going but probaly [sic] wouldn’t have come home with them anyway because of the foul weather. Scott brought back his pick-up and invited me to go home with him on [illegible deletion] Sunday but I had some studying to do. I [illegible deletion] studied Sunday morning and then went to the Show that afternoon. Bobby and louie wnt [sic] along with David and I.

The hope is in about two weeks and then we come home for thanksgiving Furlough. Don’t think that I will have anyone down because theres no one I’m interested in at the time. Or as pop would put it -- theres no one interested in me. Maybe I can get a date with some local gal.

Better close now and do some studying because I am not doing so good this quarter in any of my subjects.

Write me,


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