Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his parents, postmarked October 7, 1946


Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his parents, postmarked October 7, 1946


Letter sent from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. at The Citadel to his parents in Sumter, S. C.


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Charleston (S. C.)


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[Typed letter on blue paper]

Postmarked October 7, 1946


Dear Folks,

Well I have been back for slightly over a week now and things have been fine. I am in Murray Barracks with all the new boys and have met many of them. I could not talk last week as a result of hollering at the new plebes to much. Classes, as far as I am concerned officially start-ed today. I am carrying 23 hours a week. Could not get in my Spanish but hope to get it in Next quarter. Have made arrangements to go ahead with third quarter Spanish next quarter --- that is if my other subjects do not interfere as they have for the past two quarters. I am taking one of my junior courses. It is the study of public finance. Other courses that I am taking this time are: my last quart of Economics, the last quarter of physics, the last quarter of my basic Military, and the last quarter of any English I will ever take (thank the Lord) if I pass this quarter, and a course in Business Psychology ---- it shows you how to cheat them right.

Right now they are holding an investigation because some boy named Bishop couldn’t take it and called up his folks. I think he was beat with the broom once and his parents came down here. He hasn’t left school yet but I8ll [sic] guarntee [sic] that it he doesn’t leave of his own free will the cadet corps will see to it that he is taken care of prop-erly [sic]. One of the boys in my class is involved -- I have my fingers crossed for him. I have done no hazing myself and never hope to do anything of the nature that will keep from a diploma from down here.

About next week end. I sure would like for you all to come down but think that it is more economical and better if you come the week end after. You remember you wrote me that you were coming down for the Furman Game. Well it is to be played Saturday week. I am looking for Dusty and his folks and you all at the Game. We all have to marchdown [sic] there but I think I can see you al over when we all out just after the Game is over.

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All the cadets have to stand up in there portion of the statidium [sic] until the game is over and then we can go wherever we choose. I will go over and get tickets if you want me to.

William and Mary beat Citadel so bad last week that I want even tell you about it. Pop, if you can I wish you would get a case of shells from Crosswell and Co. They are hard to buy and we don’t have any except a box of fours. I sure am looking forward to some good hunting next time I am home. Bobby is sure taking all the regulation down here fine and seems to be getting along very well. I see him nearly everyday and ask him how he is getting along. There are a good many boys from around sumter [sic] in this new Freshman class an dI am getting acquainted with all of them. I saw that Brown boy you told me about for the first time today.

Mother, Iam [sic] not making you my secretary or anything like that, but please bring me down my cover when you all come to the Furman game. It is getting mighty cold and I don’t have but one blanke-t. I am now rooming with Frank B. David from Dillion. He and I have a good time together but he is conscientious about his work and makes a good roomate [sic] to study with.

I am hoping to have enough credits and whatever else is required to be a junior at Christmas. Am going to talk with Col. Prouty and Col. Barnwell (about getting in advanced ROTC) some time this week. Wish you all would write me more often as I do not hear from anyone else.

Write me your plans……

Your devoted son,
Ashby Jr.


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