Letter from Asbury Coward to his future wife Elise, circa 1855


Letter from Asbury Coward to his future wife Elise, circa 1855


Letter from Asbury Coward to his future wife Elise. This letter was written while Coward was still a cadet at The Citadel.


A2009.6, Box 2


The Citadel Archives and Museum


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Charleston (S. C.)


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Citadel. After a glorious dinner

Ma chere ma’m’selle Eleezer

Il fant que vous pardonnez moi - oh hang it, I can’t bother with French now. You must really excuse my horrid writing in your album, as I am, - wonderful to tell -, very much worried and nervous to day. I have, however, with your kind mother’s aid, made you a perfect “Armful of Heaven”. I did not take into consideration corns, toothache, and the time when you used to want sugar for your doll, and Mama would not give it to you, - as you may perceive in the tenth line. I might have inserted this line - Her laughing eyes swim - but not for me are her tears - but I was afraid it might sound funny.

I received, this morning, an invitation to one of those most stupid affairs - a church wedding and I am in such a rage that even Miss Johnson would fail to make me smile. - Newton does not know a letter from a comma - and if I had put in a letter, it would have been because one was needed. Be pleased to remember, that knowing Mr. Massot, and Cadet Coward, does not guarantee your knowing all about the militaire.

Respectfully yours - deep in the “sulks”

P.S. Thank Heaven my name can’t be Frenchified

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Miss Elise Blum


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