Letter from Asbury Coward to his wife Elise, January 22, 1863


Letter from Asbury Coward to his wife Elise, January 22, 1863


Letter written by Asbury Coward to his wife Elise. He has just received a letter from her and talks about his daughter and what she could be like. He also tells her that he is sending her money and that she needs to be more guarded after a theft in the house.


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Jany 22 1863

My darling wife

Although I have not heard from you since I wrote last, I undertake this in the few minutes leisure moments I now have for we were all astir this morning upon hearing their signal guns fired. It has been raining heavily for two nights and a day and I had flattered myself that the campaign of the Rappahannock was over. Ah, here comes a letter from you. What a treat! You are well and the little toad is well and frisky. I think I see her now propped up in the corner. Does she sit at table, - I judge so, from what you say about her requiring Ellen to sit beside her. This is a new accomplishment, or you forgot to inform me of it sooner. Can’t you get her likeness taken again for me? I am more and more provoked every time I think of the loss of the little one first taken. You forgot to tell me how many teeth she has. It seems so long since I saw her, that I can scarcely believe that it lacks two days

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yet to fill up her first year. Tell her if nothing happens I will drink her health on her birthday provided I find something to drink. She may give a birthday party if she chooses, - making use of the large bottle of champagne in the closet. But what now - since I am writing - she will be one year old before this letter leaves the confines of Virginia. - Col. Jackson, my predecessor is on a visit to my camp, and leaves for home tomorrow, so I will send this by him and will also send enclosed a hundred dollars, if my quarter master has enough on hands to fill my pay account. I am sorry to learn that you have lost money in the house, for I had believed the servants honest. You must be more guarded in future. There is nothing more detestable than a dishonest pilfering thief about ones house. It is bad enough to have to follow the servants up in their work, to have to watch their honesty at the same time is unendurable. Whom do you suspect? You never mention [illegible] Mary is she still with you? Love to all - Kiss baby

Yr. devoted husband
A. Coward


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