Letter from Asbury Coward to his wife Elise, circa 1862


Letter from Asbury Coward to his wife Elise, circa 1862


This letter from Asbury to his wife Elise relates that her brother is ill and is in the hospital. He asks her to write to him and speaks briefly about his current position.


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York (S. C.)


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My darling wife

I received yours and Helies letters this morning, and was very glad to learn that you had received the dispatch so promptly. Before you receive this you will [illegible] have had another which I know will give you [illegible] pain. I went to see James yesterday. He is at Jackson Hospital near Richmond. He was doing pretty well, - but I can’t say that I [illegible] much that is hopeful. His wound is as severe as it can be, not to be instantly mortal. He has health, and a constitution that has never been enfeebled by dissipation in his favor, and that is about all that we can build any hope upon. He keeps quiet and is not fretful. I have sent in to enquire about him this morning, but the messenger

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will hardly get back before afternoon. I am just snatching the few moments halt at the road side to write you this. My finger is nearly well. In a few days more it will cease to be an inconvenience to me. You must write to James and try to cheer him up. I do not think that we will attempt to dislodge the Yankees from the foothold they have. We will throw up a new line so as to make the one they have useless to them. If we fight shortly, it will be with the advantage on our side. I hope such will be the case for our men do not charge as they used to do.

If I do not get a chance to mail this letter before I hear from James I will put in a post script. Give love to all - Kiss Jonnie

Your devoted husband
A. Coward


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