Letter from Elizabeth Nelson to her husband, Manning, May 4, 1945


Letter from Elizabeth Nelson to her husband, Manning, May 4, 1945


Elizabeth wrote this letter to her husband, Manning, while he was stationed in the Pacific. These letters reached Manning after he had been killed and hence, were returned to Elizabeth. They were still sealed and unopened when they arrived at The Citadel Archives.


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May 4, 1945

Dearest “Boobie”

I’ve just been wondering if you’ve received any mail from home yet. You said in your last letter that came on April 22 that you hadn’t received any mail. Wonder if you mean before leaving Guadalcanal. If so, that’s an awful long time and I know how you must feel. I feel terrible and it’s been two weeks since I’ve heard from you. Since you haven’t heard and we haven’t heard, we know that there is some delay in the mail somewhere. Wish I could figure all this out and things weren’t so complicated. Wish most of all that I’d get a letter from you tomorrow saying that you’re fine.

Decided to write my letter on duty tonight as I went down town [sic] this afternoon, but don’t have as much time as I thought. I have a new patient who is a transfer from another ward. He is very ill and that makes more

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work. He has a brain tumor and now developed pneumonia. One disadvantage that we have is that we don’t have special nurses for these patients. I know that you must get very tired of hearing me talk or of having to read “shop” all the time. My letters must be very boring but really there’s so very little for me to write about. I could go on making excuses about the lack of variety in subjects, but think you understand how that is and especially since I’m on night duty. Anyway, I’ll continue to write if it’s just to tell you that everything is fine at home and that I love you with all my heart and miss you more than words can say.

I pray that we’ll hear from you soon. Take care of yourself for me.

All my love,

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[See original document for envelope.]


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