Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1884


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1884


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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The Citadel Board of Visitor Meeting Minutes










Charleston (S.C.)

Date Valid


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Charleston SC
11 March 1884

The Board met this day pursuant to call of Chairman

Present –
Gen Johnson Hagood –
Gen C. I. Walker –
Dr S B. Jones

Then [illegible] no quorum the Board adjourned to meet at 10 AM next day.

12 March 1884
Board assembled this day at Citadel –

Present, in addition to the members before stated
Genl AM Manigault
HA Gaillard Esq –

The following resolution adopted

That the Academic Board be requested to consider and report to the Board before the Annual Examination, whether in their judgement, the present course of studies is not too crowded for the capacity of the average cadet, and also to make any other suggestion in the subject of the course of studies, calculated in their judgement to advance the interests of the Academy.

Ordered that Cadet Derrick absent without leave be dismissed

Application for discharge of Cadet Westmoreland considered

Ordered that Cadet Westmoreland

[Page 2]
be honorably discharged.

Cadet [McFarland’s] case considered

The Board are of opinion as to 1st cause of complaint, on part of Cadet McFarland as to loud talking in mess hall, and per [illegible] in the same – that the punishment inflicted by the Superintendent was not exercised

As to 2nd complaint – [illegible] that punishment had been inflicted upon him according to an increased scale established after the offence [sic] was committed

The cadets attention is called to Pars 200, and 83 of Regulations which prescribe the time within which and the manner of making such complaint under these Regulations the Board is debarred from considering the complaint

While there is no limitation prescribed as to time within which an appeal may be made to the Board, such appeal is based upon a prior application made to the Superintendent for redress

The latter is required by Par 200. to be made within a week

The Board however will inform the cadet that an examination into the record shows that he is mistaken, as to the facts in the case, and that the injustice alleged has not been commuted.

Cadet Sligh’s Case –

Charge –
“Absenting himself from two recitations and making false statements to the squad marcher of the section”

[Page 3]
Read, Superintendents Report and accompanying papers (numbered 1, 2 & 3)

Cadet Sligh’s statement & Board in defense (#4)

Squad marcher Lewis, original Report (#5), His reply to defense of Sligh to above and Superintendents remarks endorsed (#6)

Cadet Sligh’s remarks on papers 5 & 6 Letter from W B Sligh (Father of Cadet) to Board (#7)

That the Board have carefully considered the charge made by squad marcher Lewis against cadet Sligh. They have likewise considered the explanation and defense submitted by cadet Sligh.

In some points the statements of facts in these respective papers are contradictory.

Giving due consideration to statements made on hand by cadets and both without [illegible] evidence to believe that either has intentionally misrepresented these facts the Board conclude

1st That upon the statement of squad marcher Lewis he was deceived by the words and action of cadet Sligh
2nd Upon the statement of cadet Sligh there was on his part no intention to deceive the squad marcher

The Board decide
That cadet Sligh has been sufficiently punished for his admitted evasion of duty and indiscretion in connection therewith, He is restored to duty in

[Page 4]
the academy.

The Superintendent will announce this action in general orders.

Communication from the Superintendent of date 24 December 1883 [illegible] a “Reply of Superintendent to Resolution of Board on arts 73 & 81 so affecting Superintendents official action”

That the views of the Board upon the subject matter of the said communication were formed after mature consideration and fully expressed in this Resolution of 7th December last, which was by to order communicated to the Superintendent.

The Superintendent will govern his actions thereby.

Communication of Lt White referred to Board – Resd –
That the action of Lt White in recruiting a house for Lt Weaver, was without authority of the Board, and in opposition to the orders of the Chairman communicated to the Superintendent, and the Board assumed the payment of rent for said building only to [illegible] the quarters in Citadel were in readiness for Lt Weaver.

That Genl C I Walker and Gen A M Manigault be appointed to act with the Chairman as an Executive

[Page 5]
Committee of the Board, to be assembled at the call of the Chairman, and shall have in their discretion power to dispense of matters affecting the interests of the Academy upon which the Board has not already acted, or in [illegible] to which it has not indicated its tone of policy.

Board adjourned to meet the following day

Board assembled 13 March 1884

Following Resolution adopted –
That Genl Walker the resident member of the Board be appointed a committee of one to examine the acts committed by the Superintendent.

That in doing so he will call to his assistance the Superintendent and the Quarter Master, and that he report to the Chairman at the earliest practicable period.

That the committee be also charged, in conference with the Superintendent, with preparing a scheme of retrenchment of the expenditures of the Academy and report the same to the Chairman.

That upon receiving said reports the Chairman is [illegible] to act upon the same, or for that purpose to call together the Executive Committee or the whole Board.

Resd – That this Committee be

[Page 6]
also authorized and instructed, in its discretion to prepare and report a system of accounts to the Chairman, who will act upon it as above indicated.

Considering the new appointment of Beneficiary Cadets, which will arise from the next session, under the new apportionment, provided for under act to authorize the reopening of the South Carolina Military Academy.


That the Chairman retain in the Academy until the next session of the Legislature as Beneficiary Cadets who have received their appointments, under the old appointment, and that he assign such vacancies as may exist at the time of appointment to the Counties having the largest representations in the House of Representatives and that when it is necessary to decide between counties having the same representation, the decision be made by lot.

That in considering the matter of the merit rolls, the Board have noticed great differences in the standard adopted by the various professors, and direct that the Superintendent, by conference with the professors endeavor to secure a more uniform standard of marking in the various branches.

Circular letter prepared by the Superintendent referred to the Chairman

[Page 7]
Letter from Superintendent reporting robbery of his office and loss of academic funds and the sum of $8 deposited by a cadet.


That as it appears to the Board that no blame attaches to the Superintendent, the amt reported by him to be stolen, [illegible] the sum of $158 be charges by him to profit and loss account.

The following communication was ordered by the Board who addressed to the Superintendent

Col J. P Thomas


The Board of Visitors notice with anxiety the continuing decreased numbers in the Academy, and also the complaints of harsh language and [illegible] severity in the enforcement of discipline which reach us from various sections of the state. The Board is not prepared to endorse these complaints but bring them to your attention, as perhaps one cause of the increasing unpopularity of the institution.

The Board and the best friends of the Academy, graduates and others who have communicated with us upon the subject, are deeply impressed with the necessity of some modifications of existing methods in administering discipline, so as to eliminate as far as possible that alleged harshness of

[Page 8]
expression and of manner alluded to above.

The Board address you this note in candor and in kindness – in as much as it desires that you should retain your position, which in many respects you have filled to its entire satisfaction.

The Board then adjourned.

Executive Committee

Citadel – Aug 5 1884

The Executive Committee of the Board met this day pursuant to the call of the Chairman

Genl Johnson Hagood
Genl A. M. Manigault
Genl C. I. Walker

C. I. Walker was requested to act as Secretary

Capt Brooks letter relative to [illegible] of fees of Cadet [Bromby] was submitted –

Resd., That the Supt. inform Capt. Brooks that the Board is constrained to decline.

Qr. Masts communication relative to renting quarters for Maj. Kemper was forwarded by Supt –

Resd That the Q.M. be authorized to rent for the ensuing year, quarters for Maj. Kemper at a compensation not exceeding that now paid –

[Page 9]
The appeal of Cadet Austin [Illegible] of Academic Board in conjunction therewith, submitted

Resolved – That the action of the Academic Board be sustained –

Lt. Whites communication applying for one months pay in advance, submitted –

Resolved That the Board decline to depart from the general rule of payments –

Supts Report were submitted & acted on as follows

Conduct & Merit Rolls were approved & ordered printed –

Academic Board Report on deficiencies acted on –

Resolved – That the recommendations of the Academic Board be confirmed
That Cadets H. H. Blease - Benf. Newberry & J. M. Patterson – Benf. Colleton, found deficient, be dismissed
That Cadet E. D. Smith – Pay – California, now of 3rd Class be not permitted to rise, not be retained in the 3rd Class

On report of Academic Board required by, the Board of Visitors, in reference to the course of studies, it was

Resolved. That the course of studies as submitted in proof sheet, be incorporated in the Register –
That the Report be referred back to the Academic Board to be amended by reporting further “whether in their judgement, the present course of studies be not too crowded for the capacity of the average Cadet” & submit the same to the Board at its Annual Meeting –

[Page 10]
In regard to the recommendation that Cadets be required to provide their own drawing materials & text books

Resolved That Cadets be required to provide themselves with drawing materials & instruments, which may be charged on their Pass Books –
That the recommendation regarding Cadets owning their text books, be reserved for the action of the Board –

Action was had in accordance with the Resolution of the Board at its last session, and the vacancies in Beneficiary Cadetships were assigned as follows

Abbeville County One – (1)
Berkley County One (1)
Charleston County Two (2)
Colleton County Two (2)
Edgefield County Two (2)
Orangeburg County One (1)

The Chairman was directed to take the usual [illegible] for filling the above vacancies –

The Board then adjourned

C. I. Walker
Actg Secty

[Page 11]
Board of Visitors – Annual Meeting 1884

Charleston S.C. Oct. 30th 1884

Pursuant to the call of the Chairman the Board met this day at the Citadel – present

Genl Johnson Hagood
Dr. S. B. Jones
Col. Ed. Croft
Genl C. I. Walker
Gov W. S. Thompson
Genl A. M. Manigault – A & I Genl

In absence of the Secty, Genl Walker was requested to act as Secty –

The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed –

The Supts Annual Report was received & considered – pending which meeting adjourned until 7 P.M.

On convening all were present except the Governor

Resolved – That the Resolutions of Dec 7 1883 modifying Art 58 Reg. is hereby rescinded & the Supt. is authorized to grant furloughs, to all Cadets deserving the same, during the suspension of the Academic duties in December

Report of Academic Board on the curriculum was received as information –

The Chairman reported that he had failed to receive any report from our agents for the prosecution of the claim against the U.S. Gov’t. – to submit to this meeting therefore it was Resolved – That the Chairman communicate with the agents & advise them that the Board have noted with great regret the slow progress

[Page 12]
made in the prosecution of this claim & their failure to report its condition at this time; and that the Board will be forced to construe the continued [lachesse] of the agents as an abandonment of their contract –

The qualified assent of Maj. J. A. Leland, parent of W. H. Leland, Beneficiary Cadet to the matriculation promise of the said Cadet, having been submitted to the Board by the Supt – for instruction as the same.

Resolved That the Supt. be instructed to inform Maj. Leland that the Board has no power to dispense with the requirement of the law in that regard – and to require an assent without qualification to the matriculation promise of the Cadet –


October 31st 1884

Board met at 12PM all present as yesterday, except the Governor – Session convened with recess for dinner until 11 P.M.

The Supts Report of Annual Expenditures having been carefully examined, the fact was exhibited therein that the monthly expenditure per Cadet has exceeded the allowance & a deficit has been incurred – which must be liquidated within the current year –

Resolved That the Supt. is ordered to see that for the first, second & third quarters of the current academic year, the cost per Cadet shall not exceed seventy five dollars and for the 4th quarter, forty five dollars, provided that no reduction shall be made in salaries or in the present standard of subsistence –

Resd That the allowance for clothing to each Cadet shall be seventy five dollars per annum -

[Page 13]
A considerable error in the Qr. Masters Balance Sheet Oct. 31 1884 “submitted by the Supt. as showing the financial condition of the Academy” having been noted

Resolved – That the same be called to the attention of the Supt. who will be informed that the Board relies upon him for the accuracy of all papers submitted by him –

Resolved – That until otherwise ordered the study of German will be omitted from the curriculum –

On Prof. Mazycks application for increase of compensation – it was ordered endorsed “Reply Returned – Fully appreciating the services of Prof. Mazyck, the Board regret that the financial condition of the Academy prevents any increase of its expenses – He is informed that the Board has found it absolutely necessary to order a general retrenchment in all departments, for the current year

The Examination of the accounts of the Academy showed a large amount charged annually for medicines –

Resolved – That the Supt. confer with the Surgeon & endeavor to reduce this item of expense as much as possible –

Resolved That the offer of Lt. Weaver to discharge general professorial duties for the sum of $600 per annum be accepted & that the Supt. make the proper assignment to duty –

Meeting adjourned

C. I. Walker
Actg Secty


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