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Annual report of the Board of Visitors, 1934-1935

Henderson Diary.pdf
This diary, dating from Henderson's freshman year, describes his daily life on campus.

The oldest known Citadel Class Ring dates to 1895, and features a dark stone with the year '95 inscribed in the center. Early rings changed design from year to year until the design was standardized in 1940. A special war ring was made for those who…

Customs_1932 (1).pdf
An etiquette guide for cadets. Subjects covered include social customs, personal appearance and dress, table manners, making introductions, and correspondence.

The Catalog of The Citadel, sometimes called the Bulletin, later The Citadel Catalog, provides curricula information, campus photographs, and campus information such as expenses and event calendars.Click here to view this catalog on the Internet…
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