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Annual report of the Board of Visitors, 1902-1903

The Star of the West medal was first awarded in 1893 by Dr. Benjamin H. Teague to the best drilled cadet. It was called The Star of the West after the Union ship that Citadel cadets fired on from Fort Sumter in January 1861. The original medal,…

This Calliopean Literary Society pin features a gold medal with the symbol of a book being pierced by a sword. Above are the initials "C. L. S." and the motto "Sapere Aude," which is Latin for "Dare to be wise." The medal is also inscribed with the…

Official Registers list the students who attended The Citadel in order of their merit in academic courses and conduct. Most Registers also list Board members, faculty and staff of The Citadel, and describe the courses of study.

Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.

Ervin Maurice Tiller was a member of the Class of 1903. After graduation he became Quartermaster at The Citadel.***The oldest known Citadel Class Ring dates to 1895, and features a dark stone with the year '95 inscribed in the center. Early rings…
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