Cadet Volunteers at The South Carolina Military Academy Exhibit

More than 40 cadets from the South Carolina Military Academy signed their names in the guestbook while volunteering at the institution's exhibit for The South Carolina Inter-State and West Indian Exposition. Half of those who volunteered were members of the second year (junior) class, members of the Class of 1902. Others known to have volunteered where from the Academy's fourth-year (freshmen) class, and third-year (sophomore) class. 

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Parade formation for members of the Corps of Cadets' Classes of 1902 and 1903. Most of the exhibit's volunteers were from these two classes. 

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Cadets Arthur Hartwell Cross, Thomas Isaac Weston, and W. White inside their dorm room, circa 1902. All three were members of the Class of 1902, and Weston and Cross volunteered at the SCMA exhibit. 

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From left to right: Fourth-year photo of Cadets T.J. Weston, T.C. Marshall, and W.C. White. Weston and Marshall both volunteered at the Exposition's SCMA exhibit. 

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From left to right: L.N. Fishburne, T.J. Weston, W.C. White, T.C. Marshall, and L.A. McLeod. All are members of the Class of 1902. All but White are known to have volunteered at the exhibit. 

Ex Cadet JJ Wescott.jpg

Former Cadet J.J. Wescott. His signature reads "Ex Cadet JJ Wescott Board of Visitors"

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Cadet Kitt R. McMaster, who was a second-year (sophomore) student during The South Carolina Inter-State and West Indian Exposition. 

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Official "Roster" for the Class of 1904. Last names are visible under each photo. At least 15 members of this class volunteered at the exhibit. 


W.W. Smoak was a South Carolina Miitary Academy alumnus during the exhibit, graduating in 1900. He signed the exhibit's guest book. 

Cadet Photographs