Signatures Inside The South Carolina Military Academy Exhibit Guestbook

In addition to visitors, The South Carolina Military Academy cadets also registered their names in the guestbook during their shifts at the Academy's exhibit for The Charleston Exposition. 

Students who volunteered at the exhibit were from the Academy's fourth year (freshmen), third year (sophomores), and second year (junior) classes. Cadets used different notations to indicate their shifts, such as "in charge" or "on duty". Several also provided their hometowns for additional identification.

At times cadets entered special notes, such as notating April 1st as April Fool's Day. Some cadets also added humor to their names. One such example can be seen on page 37 of the guestbook, with Cadet Lee signing his name as "The Right Hon Nu Lee Esq. on duty". Most unique, however are the hand-drawn "profiles" of cadets within select guestbook pages. These offer further glimpses into life at the Academy, as seen from the cadets themselves. 

The South Carolina Miltary Academy Exhibit Guestbook